Proust Speaks: Part 2

Proust rises from the grave to attend his 100th Anniversary Wake In the second part of the speech, to have been delivered at the Marcel Proust Support Group’s 100th Anniversary Wake, re-animated Proust goes on to talk about the suffering of the writer’s life, and the wide range of possibilities in the afterlife, his own… Continue reading Proust Speaks: Part 2

Let’s Talk About Writers

Recently, I’ve been thinking about writing, and how essential writers are to the knowledge of  everything. Authors produce almost all sources of information, in one way or another. Books, textbooks, magazines, websites, and other written materials were produced by writers. Maybe a person doesn’t really read, and they get their information from lectures, news, documentaries,… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Writers

Writers and The Changing City

Ever since the gold rush, San Francisco has enticed writers. They couldn’t resist its intoxicating beauty, frequent liberties, and the fantasy of sudden fortune—a writer’s most cherished pipe dream— of the boom town on the bay. Between the gold—and subsequent silver—booms and the tech boom, there were decades when all San Francisco had going for… Continue reading Writers and The Changing City