P Segal

Sicilian to the Nth Degree.

“I recommend caution when confronting a Sicilian at the Bohemian Cigar Store. You never know what could happen.”

P Segal was born in North Beach San Francisco during the midst of the twentieth century. They were the days of bebop, jazz, and hotrods when the fishing fleet was driven by the San Felipos and City Hall was run by an Alioto. The real business occurred at La Rocca’s Corner on Columbus Avenue, and Dada discussions continue in the twenty-first century at Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store.

City Lights Books was on my beat when Proust entered the vocabulary and infected the conscious and senses. Lawrence Ferlinghetti lived to be one hundred years old. Dadaism reigned supreme, and the Beats flourished among the Italians and the nearby waterfront, and the inexpensive housing. My how San Francisco has grown.

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